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House only 40 000 in Matanzas Type: 4+ bedrooms
Description: The house is in the city of Matanzas, Cuba. It is composed of entrance hall, living room, kitchen, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, of this a room and a bathroom is independent to the house, terrace for laundry and roofed, large terrace at the end of the house also roofed and framed with a Table, bar, garage, is the house plate and it is free, has two gardens, the house has a patio with its fence, has a chest, two raised tanks and two pits that belong only to the house.
Price, CUC: 40000

House for sale Type: 3 bedrooms
Description: I am selling house with 3 rooms with patio and space for a car in Iglesias.
Price, CUC: 40000

Apartment in Pastorita. Matanzas Type: 4+ bedrooms
Description: Apartment in Matanzas, Pastorita. 35 thousand CUC, Portal, Living room, Dining room, Kitchen with hob and gas oven, hood, 4 rooms, 1 bathroom and service area, ground floor with independent entrance of the building, all lattice with alarm installed, 110-220 V Hot water in all areas by central heater. Power plant. Cabled walls and ceilings. Interested in selling with furniture and equipment combining new value.
Price, CUC: 35000

For sale: house of 210 square meters of surface located in the road of moserrate, Matanzas Type: 3 bedrooms
Description: House of 210 square meters of surface located in the road of moserrate, Matanzas, biplanta with gardens front and side, large patio with fruit trees in the background and three quarters of relief. Garaje on the street mujica and garage by fortune. Portal room, sitting room, kitchen, bathroom and terrace on the ground floor. On the upper floor, internal staircase with three rooms with closet, bathroom intercalado, two balconies and a large terrace. Own water system, cistern. Address: mujica between fortuna and jesus maria # 6102 roadway of mosserate capitalist construction. (Villa) price 80,000 dollars. Negotiable.
Price, CUC: 80000

For sale house in Matanzas Type: 3 bedrooms
Description: House in Versailles distribution of the city of Matanzas. Construction colonial style with French tiles cover and masonry walls. It has nice living room, dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and 1 half bathroom. central courtyard with cement floors and beds with fruit and ornamental plants. It measures 192 m2, all rooms are large and spacious, each bedroom measures 16 m2. Electricity is 220 and 110 Volt. There is always water facilities and has hot and cold water. It has cistern and elevated tank. Besides it has two large garages with patio and water supply and counter 110 and 220 Volt independent home. It also has landline phone. Some antique furniture included in the sale. The price is negotiable considering the inclusion of garages or they do not have separate property, or the inclusion of only one of the garages, also depending on the inclusion or not of some antique furniture. It is located 4 blocks from the bay, 20 minutes from Varadero and 1 hour from Vedado.
Price, CUC: 20000

To sell my house is located on road between spriut and san jose, city Cardenas, Matanzas, Cuba Type: 3 bedrooms
Description: My house account: street door, garage gate, living room, three rooms with their closes in mahogany, two perfectly azulejiados bathrooms, hallway outside the rooms you a dining kitchen, a multipurpose room and room to wash their laundry well I azulejiado. An outdoor patio with gray floor. The house is all aluminum inlaid wood presiosa outer and the inner and the plate is free.
Price, CUC: 25000

For sale house in Cardenas, Matanzas Type: 2 bedrooms
Description: It consists of porch, living room, two bedrooms, bathroom, spacious kitchen and all plated, large terrace plateau auxiliary kitchen, garage, all new construction. Free plate with room started. With condicones to piscina.La home supports two floors above as it has melted interna.Tambien columns included telephone, cooking gas and air conditioning. The property is located in a central location, where it has one block, school, care center, park, church, bank, Cafeteria El fast. As well as 3 blocks from the city center where all the shops, theater, etc. 10 minutes from the beach of Varadero.
Price, CUC: 28000

For sale house in Santa Marta, Varadero, Matsnzas Type: 4+ bedrooms
Description: Adjustable, fully legalized and updated property. It has 6 rooms 3 bathrooms, kitchen, terrace, laundry, garage, study room, walk-in closet, land in front with construction license.
Price, CUC: 75000
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House for sale two floors Type: 4+ bedrooms
Description: One kilometer from the beach, ground floor has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, two indoor kitchens, an outdoor kitchen on the terrace, a room, a dining room, small internal terrazita, interior corridors, 4 closets, right through a door can wean an apartment with separate entrance, vestibule courtyard, outdoor terrace, garage, CSA s is in perfect condition, fully furnished, 3 air a split two 32-inch lcd tv, fireplace, refrigerator, washer dryer, new wooden doors, windows crystal. TOP FLOOR. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, porch, kitchen, hall, three terraces, fully furnished in perfect conditions with marble floor, marble kitchen, bathrooms and ceramic bathroom and modern ceramics and stones, walls marmolizadas three steps of including floors, new stainless steel modern refrigerator, gas cooker and electric new stainless steel, an air split, modern marquetry two 32 inch tv, dining set 6 hardwood chairs king bed, queen bed ect .
Price, CUC: 80000

House 10 minutes from Varadero Type: 4+ bedrooms
Description: 3 floors the first floor has 209.93 square meters. Fitted with all .Price four years or 78,000 CUC has made Americans .the house current generator that gives electricity to the entire house and allows light a safe air-conditioning and all comforts at the entrance to the house is a source that is included in the house the house has 5 air conditioners, safe, each room has its set of bed, the closet of the rooms are huge and mirrors large, each shade is also included, curtains with beautiful ornaments and juices all over bed and brought classic, the house also has air conditioners with fans wall in the 2 kitchens and bathrooms, TVs, DVDs, will include housing landline it is also leaves the buyer (a) house are 4 wireless phone and a landline to be them more convenient telephone communications it also makes an electrical MOTORINA of large, in perfect condition games table and chairs terraces, 3 refrigerators, a large Frisi, each refrigerator and electric Frisi have their protector. gas stove stove is one of the largest included in the oven, ceiling lamps of the most unique and beautiful, the machine is of large automatic that does it all alone, on the terrace there are to enjoy a family afternoon with wienie roast for the best grilled meats, large shelves in the kitchen wall to wall to save seasons, tablecloths, or other things, It is one of the carved wooden shelves, drawers 6 and 7 divisions these the divisions each opens two small doors with more storage space inside what you can think of, the kitchen also has another shelf is more kid is on the wall above the plateau also carved wood, two drawers and 3 divisions each with their individual little door, the house includes pictures, this is not all also have a PC, 2 microwey one in each Raidio kitchen and a small TV in the kitchen on the first floor, the terraces have table games 4 chairs, armchairs and a coffee table, another terrace with two chairs and a small table one piece of furniture. the terrace of the third floor has 3 beautiful benches and rocking for in the evening enjoy the beautiful view and large buildable pool that is left to mount on the 3 floor of the house. Now the house has hot and cold water, water from the street and two elevated tanks turbine, with automatic start, the water heater is modern and very economical the house in a nice quiet place where no flooding (in the biplanta cast) on the 1st floor comprises: room air conditioning, 4/4 two of these air-conditioned, one closet and one with a wooden cabinet with drawers and mirror and 12 shoemaker. carved wall to wall and other large wooden shoe and 6 drawers and 4 doors with mirror large bathroom, kitchen dining room with air conditioning, Another room is. Prepared with a set of furniture and computer minbre Another quarter shoemakers prepared to put clothes hangers and shoes as dressing bone all doors and windows are screened for flies and mosquitoes, portal and rejado garage, garage with space for two cars. with two sinks Swiss comfotables chairs and game table with two chairs 2nd floor: 1 bedroom with air and closet, tiled kitchen with 2 plateaus and a double sink all mesh mosquito rejada large terrace, large bathroom fourth relief with many divisions to put safety door closed with things, terrace asulejiado rejada a laundry room and a dining set with four chairs and two armchairs with table and furniture to put ornaments and large double doors opening onto the sercada terrarraza laundry room with its mesetica. with installation of water and flush to modern washing machines, large room with sink and rustic table with the front door facing the street and a front terrace with another big fenced terrace with ranchón plate and tiles in the tip with a small table and 4 banks all cement floor tiles in the ceiling lamp and lamps pedestals, good lighting for activities during the night, shower in one corner of the deck to rinse off after leaving the pool and sockets protected from rain located in different locations 3rd floor: fenced with a large terrace overlooking the puertesita terrace tender, with a rocking chair and 3 stool and a portable pool 1000 gallons of water, a great light 220 that illuminates everything, making water and power protected for rain and another terrace are two elevated tanks and clotheslines The house is cozy and magnifies the reason for the sale is that four years ago we bought the withdrawal of my husband and not got used to living away from heat and daughters and grandchildren and we have no family in Cuba.
Price, CUC: 78000

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